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Trust Group

? Improvers you can trust ?

we are TRUST GROUP for import and export an Egyptian company specialized in food and food additives. we are leading the market of flour improvement by safe, high quality improver such as enzymes', vitamins, emulsifiers. Our main office is in Cairo. Egypt we have another office in Lome –Togo we are preparing to open our new office to serve west of Africa on Nairobi-Kenya to serve east Africa.

Trust Group, as represented by its higher management,has undertaken on its shoulders the mission of presenting distinctive solutions to fulfill the needs of customers in a way that accords with their needs and requirements. TRUST GROUP is also characterized by high flexibility in the provision of Products that fits the quantative and qualitative nature of its customers, in search of diligent perfect work through an integrated team.

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We are looking forward to be a leading company in the Middle East region by offering highest quality and distinguished products through an integrated team.

Customer satisfaction is the base of our principles. Starting at deal with client along with implement and approval of the product, SO customer satisfaction comes first.

Our values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world. Leadership, Collaboration, Integrity, Passion and Quality.

Bright History

? The true statics ?

Historical milestones and a variety of achievements characterize our company’s journey: from a merchant’s company selling products on a narrow scale to the professional company we are today. Throughout the decades, we were able to satisfy the requests of our customers. During this time, our team have contributed to our success, which is the honor that we proud of today.


Years of experience

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Clients Served

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Products Improved

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Working Hours

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